About us
“Runo – Kazanlak” AD is a private company registered in 2003 with basic capital of 1,482 mil EURO.
“Runo – Kazanlak” AD inherits the activity of processing of greasy wool and production of wool tops of one of the biggest and well known in the international market Bulgarian textile company – “Katex” AD, Kazanlak.
The company focuses its activities in several directions:
  •  Production of wool tops

  •  Production of steam

  •  Production of electricity from renewable energy sources

  •  Fruit growing (cherry)

The production of wool tops is result of the processing of greasy wool and washed wool up to wool tops mainly for the needs of “Katex”AD.
“Runo Kazanlak” AD produces steam from its own steam plant used mainly for its own and for “Katex” AD purposes.

In 2003 “Runo Kazanlak” AD bought several hydro electric power-plants (WWPs) with total max capacity of 10 MW. The company is licensed by the State Commission of Water and Energy Regulation – license No. L-133-01/10.05.2004

“Runo Kazanlak” AD has established photovoltaic stock at the territory of the company with capacity of max 170 KWp set into exploitation in 2009.

In 2006 “Runo Kazanlak” AD started investing in agriculture section. It has made a massif (orchard) of about 100 ha on its own rented agricultural land near the town of Kazanlak. The orchard has so far cherry trees – 85 ha, raspberry – 3.5 ha and dog roses – 2.0 ha. The massif has been finished for 3.5 years and the investment amounts over to 1.5 mil EURO.
We have planted different sorts of cherries like: sweetheart, big lori, early lori, celeste, skeena, ferrovia, bing cherry, van, bigarreau burlat, zirat, regina and katalin.
The cultivation of the orchard is carried by own agricultural technics. 4 Test pits have been built and a drop irrigation system. The company has a cooling compartment/box (30 tones) for cherries.
The copmany is fully equipted by hydrocooler and sorting line by optic cameras for cherries.
The company is planning to invest within the next two years in planting of 10 ha of fruit trees.
The policy of the company in this direction is production and sale of high quality fresh fruit in order to satisfy the requirements of the European market.

The company was registered as an agricultural producer in June 2008.
“Runo-Kazanlak” AD has the GLOBAL G.A.P. certification from 2010 and each year the company is certified.